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What Every Business Owner Must Know When Hiring IT Support?

Most businesses these days use some sort of information technology to manage their company, which means, when a computer or network component goes down, so do the chances of getting work done. Keeping your IT up and running is important, and many companies can’t afford to have a dedicated IT professional on staff, or they don’t necessarily need one all the time, and that’s when they call IT support in Houston instead.

One big issue, however, is that the IT support industry is not regulated, and that means just anybody can claim to be a competent and trustworthy IT support company, but in the end, they could just make things worse. That’s where finding IT support in Houston from a trustworthy and responsive IT support company is important, but as a business owner, what do you need to know to ensure that you are getting the best IT support for your dollar?

Dealing with the IT Problems

If you are paying for IT support in Houston, you should expect to get IT support for any issue that could appear in your infrastructure. Sometimes, the IT issue is an external problem, such as an issue with the internet provider, phone systems, or from other IT service companies. However, a good IT support company will not just pass the buck; they will help you narrow down the issue, then work with the service providers to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Network Monitoring 24/7

When it comes to hiring IT support in Houston, you want a service that is protecting you all the time from potential security threats. With constant monitoring all the time, an IT support company will be able to address issues before they are going to turn into larger problems that disrupt your business.

Providing Regular Reports

Whether it is weekly or monthly reports, in addition to an annual report, it’s important that your IT support in Houston is giving you regular information about your IT infrastructure. These reports can let you know about the overall health of your network, as well as applied updates, security patches, and the status of every machine. This will ensure your network is secured.

All-inclusive Support Plans

Many IT support companies will try to back out of work by claiming your issue isn’t within their support plan. A trustworthy IT support in Houston company will have all-inclusive plans that cover every issue that could occur in your IT infrastructure, without hidden additional fees.


If the IT support in Houston you have hired detects an issue in your IT infrastructure, they should be proactive about solving the issue rather than waiting for it to become a big issue for your business. As well, they should regularly offer up new solutions to help you lower costs and increase efficiencies with your business.

Quick, and Live Response

If something goes down, the most important aspect of having IT support in Houston is the fact that they should be responding immediately, and preferably with live phone support, when you call in. A great IT support company will have someone working on your issue within 60 minutes of you calling it in, and their service agreement should have a written, guaranteed response time.

Initial Network Audit

Hiring trustworthy and competent IT support in Houston is important, and it should include an in-person free network audit so that you know the issues you have when you initially sign their service agreement.

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