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Strategically optimize and protect your infrastructure with 24/7/365 Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance.

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Advanced security systems help protect your data and keep your business up and running.

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The cloud is the future of small and medium business technology management.

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Is your data secure? Would it survive a disaster? Are you willing to take that chance?

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Empower your business to go far beyond the restraints of a typical phone system.

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Gatun Technologies provides a wide range of IT Services in Houston, TX, for your small or medium-sized business. If you have been looking for enterprise level service at an affordable price, we are here for you. We want to help your business succeed; your success is our success as we grow together.

Our range products in Houston include managed IT services. We strategically optimize and protect your digital infrastructure with 24/7/365 proactive monitoring and maintenance. When you sign up for our managed IT services, we will analyze your network and create a report on what we believe you need changed in order to ensure your network is safe, secure, and protected from potential failures. With 24 hour live desk support, you can call us at any time with any IT related issue in your business and we will help you over the phone, remote into your systems to fix an issue, or in the case of hardware issues, we will come in person to solve your problems. With 24 hour monitoring of your infrastructure, we may even be able to respond to a failure before you even know about it.

Security is important for your businesses data, and at Gatun Technologies we provide Houston IT services that include expert security measures. We ensure that your network is constantly being monitored for intrusions, whether it is via a virus, malware, ransomware, or active external intrusion attempts. We want to make sure you have as little downtime as possible from security threats; time is money, and uptime keeps your business profitable.

So many services are on the cloud these days; the cloud being external servers that host your data or processing time. We offer several cloud IT solutions in our IT solutions Houston toolkit that help your small or medium-sized business compete with the enterprise level companies. By moving your hardware needs to the cloud, we provide you with virtual desktop environments and processing power through our remote hardware so you don’t need to take on the risk of housing a server in your own building.

Keeping your data protected from security threats isn’t the only thing you need to safeguard your data. You need a comprehensive IT data services plan to ensure your data can be recovered no matter what failure occurs in your infrastructure. Disaster recovery as a service is something we offer. Rest easy knowing your data is backed up securely, and can be recovered quickly, prioritizing mission-critical data so you can get back up and running as soon as possible after a disaster.

Communication is key in business, and our IT services in Houston, TX, include the latest in VoIP communication technology. Being able to communicate anywhere is important, so our VoIP solutions include being able to integrate mobile devices into your communications infrastructure. As well, we ensure that your teleconferencing solutions are highly adaptive to make conferencing and collaboration easier than ever.

Finding Houston IT services that cater to your specific industry can be difficult, but at Gatun Technologies we cater to a wide range of industries, from engineering and architecture to non-profits. Give us a call to see how we can help you.

We provide complete services for both software and hardware. Are you needing collaboration software with fully remote capabilities? Need essential hardware replaced at an affordable cost? Our IT services in Houston provide you with full software and hardware services to ease your mind, and help you succeed and grow.

Help us secure and safeguard your IT infrastructure and data, and we can work together for years to come. Contact us today for affordable, long-term, IT solutions.