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Five Types of IT Services That Make the Biggest Impact on Your Business

Information technology services is a multi-trillion-dollar industry these days, with massive growth over the last decade. IT services are key to most businesses these days to keep their operations running, data secured, and lines of communication open between employees, customers, and business partners. If your business has been having issues with their IT, then hiring IT services in Houston, TX can help by providing you with one or more of the following five types of services that will make the biggest impact on your company performance.

Technology Procurement and Management Services

Understanding what your business needs in terms of technology isn’t as simple as just walking into a store, pointing at a couple computers, and saying you’ll buy them. IT infrastructure is complex, with many different components, from workstation computers and laptops to networking and communication hardware, to servers for storing data. A company that specializes in IT services, like Gatun Technologies, can analyse what you have already within your infrastructure, ask questions about your business operations and expansion plans, provide you with a solid IT plan for modifying what you have to be more efficient, and procure new technologies to make your business capable of easily expanding.

Security Services

Data and network security is the number one concern for any business that has any form of connection to the internet. Data breaches are one of the top expenses for IT companies. Having a solid security system in place can prevent a lot of headaches—and a lot of lost profits. Malware and viruses were the main concern in the past, but now the big one is ransomware; locking down an entire network until a ransom is paid, often in cryptocurrency. Getting a trusted IT company to audit your infrastructure, then provide you with a clear security plan can protect you from the biggest threats.

Cloud-Based Services

Not all your data or software operations have to be exclusively stored or operated on physical servers within your company’s buildings anymore. With cloud-based services, you can reduce the costs of having your own servers by relying on an IT services company infrastructure to bolster your own. The most useful cloud-services are backup services so you have an offsite backup in case your internal infrastructure is compromised, or fails.

Internet-Based Communications

Communications are key for any business these days, and having lines of communications that are secure, and allow you to connect all around the world is ideal. Companies that offer IT Services can help you set up a VoIP telephony infrastructure so that your employees can have easy communication with each other, customers, and business partners anywhere they need it. They can also help improve your video conferencing capabilities for work-from-home, or remote meetings with clients.

Technical Support Services in Houston, TX

Nothing is worse for a business than their IT infrastructure going down. Having a capable IT services provider available 24/7 for technical support is key in making sure that any downtime is minimized so that your productivity isn’t hindered longer than it has to be. Both in person and over the phone support is generally available for any of your employees.

Finding reputable IT services in Houston, TX doesn’t have to be a hassle, contact Gatun Technologies today for a free consultation and discover how they can improve your IT infrastructure today.